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We Made Me® was born out of a simple passion: to create thoughtful products, dedicated to enhancing and supporting, you and your baby’s wellbeing, comfort & opportunity to bond.

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With multiple awards, and a global following, we have established ourselves as a recognised market leader, with products stocked in most major retailers across the UK, Europe & Asia, and now for the first time we’re available in the USA.

Our current product portfolio includes: the Flow Life -Active Wrap – an ultra soft, supportive, stretchy baby wrap, the Smile Everyday Sling – an ultra-lightweight, super-breathable and versatile, 5-in-1 baby sling, and the Imagine Carrier – an ergonomically advanced, soft-structured, 3-in-1 baby carrier, and Venture, our Mei Tai inspired carrier, available as a front worn product for babies and a back worn version for toddlers.

Our product collections, along with the new additions, are all made with good conscience and an unflinching commitment to style, functionality and above all, safety.

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